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  Serving the Third Coast 
         from Houston and Beaumont 
P.O Box  31233
Houston, Texas 77231-1233
9405 College St., Suite C
Beaumont, TX 77707-2736

Text Box: Third Coast Complexity Consultants
Text Box: In over  your head?  Let us structure the energy and information flow differently! 
Wicked problems?  We help you cope with your most perplexing issues.
Choose from a palette of scaffolded Natural Designs that are Efficient, Effective, Sustainable, Anti-fragile, and Resilient. 
Developing Lean Agile business approaches and support systems.
Helping business Navigate,  Resolve and Adapt to a Complex world by building an organization that can morph.
Our bottom line is doing Things that Work!

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Robert T. Belew
Barbara N. Brown
Katie Chenoweth Cox
2013 Calendar

Text Box: Fresh Perspectives on Business Uncertainty

Text Box: We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

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Contact our repair shop to find innovative solutions for some of the most complex problems facing businesses today.  We encourage the development of new tools for making sense of the change that surrounds us, as well as actively helping staff to embrace broader perspectives that provide the framework for significant improvement.

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Text Box: The Third Coast    Fix-it Center has hands-on resolutions for your business problems.