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 Dr. Don E. Beck and Elza S. Maalouf
Hare Krishna Center, 1320 West 34th St., Houston, TX

 Spiral Dynamics Level One Training and Certification
September 20 8:00 AM –September 22 12:30 PM

Attend a 2 ½ day certification program to learn the theory that has been used successfully in both South Africa and the Middle East to resolve conflict.  Examine the emerging paradigm which explains geopolitics, economics, religion, the arts, coaching and counseling, organizational design, education, health care, as manifestations of the of the 21st Century world’s social value systems.  Gain insight into the nature of conflict, change, and healing by seeing how these living systems emerge and evolve their healthy and unhealthy expressions as demonstrated experientially. 
Attendees will be registered for Applied Nation Building in the Middle East at no extra charge.


Spiral Dynamics Applied to Nation Building in the Middle East
Peacemaking through Appropriate Development   
September 22, 2013, 1:30 – 4:30 PM  

Dr. Don Beck, who assisted Nelson Mandela in creating the nation building strategy chronicled in the movie Invictus and Elza Maalouf, a Lebanese-American futurist and cultural development specialist, will present the Large-scale applications of Spiral Dynamics in their work in Israel and Palestine as an example of how the Spiral Dynamics Integral framework can be applied to affect real world cultural change.  SDi offers insight into clearly identifiable manifestations of the social value systems which exist across today’s world and how these living systems arise and evolve in both healthy and unhealthy expressions.  Participants will gain insight into the nature of conflict, change, and healing.   Attendees will understand why conflicts and social ills still exist in hot spots around the world after years of effort to resolve them and learn to see the entire system that will also be critical in dealing with the growing divides.  See applications in some of the most difficult places in the world.  Participants will learn how to communicate with and align people, processes and purpose in order to facilitate healthy change and social evolution through natural design.  For more information on their projects, visit

Don E. Beck, Ph.D. is the Founder of the Global Center for Human Emergence and the National Values Center-Texas.  His model, Spiral Dynamics integral: The Search for Human Cohesion in a World of Fragmentation , provides the essential process of integrating, aligning, and synergizing resources, to meet the needs of people at different stages of development, especially at local levels.  Dr Beck is the coauthor of The Crucible: Forging South Africa's Future and Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change.  

Elza S. Maalouf is Founder and CEO of Integral Insights Consulting Group. Her work focuses on business, cultural and political development of the Arab world. As one of foremost experts in Memetics of the Middle East, Maalouf was named by EnlightenNext Magazine as one of today’s brightest minds. In 2011 she was elected member of the Evolutionary Leaders, an organization made up of leading thinkers in science, spirituality and consciousness studies.

MEMEnomics - The Next Generation Economic System
September 24, 2013, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Economist Said Dawlabani, author of MEMEnomics will provide attendees with a Big Picture view of the evolution of capitalism.  Through the applications of the value-systems model, attendees will learn how our economy got to where it is today and how we go forward from here.        Register:

All Change! Sponsored by Centers for Human Emergence,
Available now:  Introduction to Spiral Dynamics Integral, free video
  Dr Don Beck's Interview with Peter Merry on Change Dynamics, registration required

September 13-15, 2013: The Next Stage Facilitation - three day intensive with Diane Hamilton and Rebecca Colwell, Houston, TX

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