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Complex Thinking
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Myers-Briggs Assessment
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Complex Adaptive Systems

Complex Thinking

Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence - Developing Minds
Your Capacity meets Our Complex Life Conditions To Produce Your/Our Current Forms of Mind and social structures.  Can you develop the capacity to deal with tomorrow's conditions?  Examine the work of Graves and Kegan.

Myers-Briggs Assessment

Myers-Briggs® Personality Type - We’ve all noticed it - people behave differently. Explanations range from culture to genes to parenting. We now know that a major component of behavior stems from inborn differences in how human brains process information.

Jungian Personality Type is a systematic way of describing these differing mental habits. It allows us to sort people by preferred cognitive styles. Whenever we interact with people or participate in a group, we can use this classification to improve the outcome. These innate patterns of mental habit explain the systematic variations observed in behavior.

Complex Adaptive Systems

Organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems - Learn to deal with your organization as a whole system within a complex, ever changing environment.

Enterprise Systems

Manage the complexity of large, multinational IT systems by applying strategic planning, systems theory and organizational development methodologies to drive optimal application design and effective implementations.

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